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2018 - 05 - 11
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Hubgestelle von Schnupp für die Einarbeitung von Pressenwerkzeugen benötigen kein Fundament. Um die Projektlaufzeit bei vier aktuellen Maschinen zu verkürzen, simulierten die Konstrukte...
2018 - 03 - 25
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Hannover/Istanbul. WIN EURASIA 2018, which ran from 15 to 18 March at the Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center in Istanbul, reunited for the first time in ten years six tradeshows at on...
2017 - 12 - 29
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Network new and existing machines efficiently and make them transparent. The IoT Gateway software V2 from Bosch Rexroth achieves this with particular precision and cost-effectiveness.With many new fea...
2017 - 12 - 29
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Although originally developed for other vehicle types, High Level Braking (HLB) is now also available for fork lift trucks.High Level Braking (HLB) saves installation space, reduces the complexity and...
2017 - 12 - 29
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At SPS IPC Drives, Bosch Rexroth will present the complete spectrum of automation and electrification - from entry into the industrial IoT, to requirement-specific IPCs and intelligent drive solutions...
2017 - 12 - 29
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Industry 4.0 would be inconceivable without software. The Connected Automation portfolio from Bosch Rexroth demonstrates its full potential in terms of connectivity and time-to-market.With innovations...
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GeneralPower supplynominal 24 V=battery voltage 21...40 V,rectified alternating voltage Ueff = 21...28 V(single-phase, full-wave rectifier)Current consumption, max.mA200Signal inputVT-MACAS-500-10/V0Ucommand: ±10 V, differential amplifierRi= 100 kΩVT-MACAS-500-10/V0/lIist: 4...20 mARsh = 200 ΩActual value signalVT-MACAS-500-10/V0Uactual: ±10 V, differential amplifierRi= 100 kΩVT-MACAS-500-10/V0/lIist: 4...20 mARsh = 200 ΩValve signalUV= ±10 V (max. 10 mA) orIV= 4...20 mA (middle 12 mA)Compensation stepcan be switched off;effective in a range of ±4 %Enable signalV=8,5...40 VError messageno error: 24 Vnom (UB) max. 50 mAerror: IN POS messageIN POS: ...
GeneralComponent series1XVoltage supplyOperating voltageUB18 to 36 VDC / max. 3.6 ACurrent consumptionMaster without axesmA500Master with axesmA800SlavemA400Analog inputsVoltage inputs (differential inputs)Input voltage, max.UEmax.+10 V to –10 V; 12 bits with 4-fold oversamplingInput resistanceRekΩ160ResolutionmV5Current inputsInput currentIemA± 20Ie4 to 20 mAInput resistanceReΩ100ReΩ500Leakage currentIvμA12ResolutionμA4Digital inputsNumber32Logic levellog 0 (low) 0 V to +5 Vlog 1 (high) +10 V to 36 VInput resistanceRe3 kΩ ±10 %Analog outputsVoltage outputsOutput voltageU±10 V PWM (pulse width modulation)Current, max.ImaxmA10Load, min.RminkΩ2Current outputsOutput current, normalizedInom...
GeneralType / versionVT-HNC100-C-3XVT-HNC100-1-3XVT-HNC100-2-3XVT-HNC100-3-3XVT-HNC100-4-3XComponent series3XVoltage supplyType / versionVT-HNC100-C-3XVT-HNC100-1-3XVT-HNC100-2-3XVT-HNC100-3-3XVT-HNC100-4-3XOperating voltage 1)UB18 to 30 VDC, residual ripple Current consumption at 24 VDCIapprox. 500 mA1 to 4 A (depending on the HNC variant and the also supplied components)1)If a 24 V encoder supply is implemented directly via the VT-HNC100...3X (supply voltage is looped in), the encoder specification has to be observed.Analog inputs (AI)Type / versionVT-HNC100-C-3XVoltage input (reference to AGND - Analog ground)Channel number1Input voltageUEmax. +12 V to –12 V (+10 V to –10 V measurable)Input resistanceRE200 kΩ ± 5 %Res...
Component series2XVoltage supplyOperating voltageUB24 VDCOperating voltageLower limit valueUB(t)minV21Upper limit valueUB(t)maxV30Current consumptionImax150 mAFuseIS4 A time-lagAnalog inputsNumber6Voltage inputsRangeU0 to 10 V or ±10 V (configurable)Input resistanceRe100 kΩ,  10 MΩ for input AI 1Resolution5 mV for range ±10 V, 2.5 mV for range 0...10 VNon-linearitymVCurrent inputsRangeI0...20 mA or 4...20 mA (configurable)Input resistanceRe100 ΩLeakage currentIv0.15 % (with 500 Ω between pin AI x- and 0 V)Resolution5 μADigital inputsSignallog 00 to 5 Vlog 116 V to UBAnalog outputsNumber3AO1 voltage outputOutput voltageU0 to 10 V or ±10 V (configur...
generalType4WRPNH.../24/C/PSize610Component series2XDesignDirectional spool valve, direct operated, with steel sleeveType of actuationProportional solenoid with position control, OBEAnschlussartPlate connection, porting pattern according to ISO 4401Installation positionAnyEarthkg2.77.5Ambient temperature range°C-20 … +50hydraulicType4WRPNH.../24/C/PSize610Maximum operating pressurebar315Maximum operating pressurePort Pbar315Port Abar315Port Bbar315Port Tbar250Maximum flowl/min100Hydraulic fluid temperature range°C-20 … +60Viscosity rangemm²/s10 … 800preferablymm²/s20 … 100Maximum admissible degree of contamination of the hydraulic fluid, cleanliness class according to ISO 4406 (c) 1)Class 18/16/13 according to ISO 4...
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